Monday, April 18, 2016

About the Author

Hey now!

Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is David Spalding, a 2L law student at Northern Kentucky University, Chase College of Law, and law clerk at Murphy and Associates, PLC. In Louisville, KY.

I was born & raised in central Kentucky, specifically, Lebanon (no, not Lebanon Junction).  Located in Marion County, we natives coined our lovely hometown as the “heart of the bluegrass”. Some may argue that Lebanon is NOT the geographical center of Kentucky, but just allow us to stroke our egos and refer to it as such. After graduating from Marion County High School in 2008, I moved to Bowling Green, KY, where I earned my Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from Western Kentucky University. Whilst on “the hill”, I dabbled in a variety of courses, including but not limited to, Judicial Process, Criminal Procedure and Civil Liberties. When I wasn’t in the classroom, I held leadership positions in a number of clubs and activities. I served as Chief Justice of the Student Government Association, Public Relations Chairman for the Interfraternity Council, Recruitment Director for Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, and Pre-Law Club President. I graduated in 2012.

During my four years in Bowling Green, I worked for two different legal practices. In 2009, I was fortunate to work for Ben and Cyndi Crocker at Crocker Law Offices, a small firm specializing in personal injury. In 2011, I signed on with Hodges, Haynes & Adams, a small firm specializing in commercial collections for Commonwealth Health Corporation, real estate and probate matters. After wrapping up my degree at WKU, I moved to Louisville, KY.

Once in Louisville, I was hired by Greg Simms, formerly of Simms & Reed, LLC.  After a few months of mostly clerical duties, I was offered a position with the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office as a special project coordinator. Project Safe Neighborhoods, later coined Project Backfire (packs more of a punch, don’t you think?) was a federal initiative enacted to gather statistics on firearm-related arrests in Kentucky (I handled cases that occurred in Jefferson County). After the project ended, I remained on board with the prosecutor’s office as a Victim’s Advocate. After learning the ropes of district and circuit court for nearly two years, I decided to take my talents to Northern Kentucky University, Salmon P. Chase School of Law. I am wrapping up my 2L year, as we speak.

Currently, I am employed as a law clerk at Murphy & Associates, PLC. Over the last year, I’ve worked under Greg Simms, once more, tackling mostly criminal defense matters (mostly district and circuit work, expungements, D.U.I.s, etc.) and §1983 lawsuits (official misconduct, police brutality, wrongful arrest, prison negligence etc. at both state and federal levels).

Disclaimer: this author is not a licensed attorney. No information contained in this post or following posts is intended, nor is it to be construed as legal advice of any kind. David Spalding is an employee of Murphy & Associates, PLC. in Louisville, KY. Any need for legal services or advice should be directed to lawyers within our firm. If yourself, friends or family members need assistance with a criminal matter, or feel as if you’ve been wrongfully treated by law enforcement, you may contact Gregory Simms at 502-618-4949, for a free consultation!